Achieving The Best We Can
In Everything We Do


Our School Curriculum

Pear Tree prides itself on having developed a curriculum that meets the extremely individual needs of all of our pupils.

The aims of our curriculum are:

  • To meet the individual needs of all pupils through a personalised curriculum which enables pupils to acquire new skills and to make as much progress as possible and achieve the very best they can.
  • To recognise and value each pupil as an individual and develop each pupil’s level of personal independence and achievement. To provide equality of opportunity irrespective of gender, race, need or religion as outlined in the document entitled “Equal Opportunities”.
  • To promote the moral, spiritual, social, cultural, intellectual and physical development of pupils and of society.
  • To prepare pupils for adult life and support them to develop the necessary functional skills to be as independent and successful as possible once they leave Pear Tree.
  • To work in partnership with parents, involving them in their child’s education and welcoming their involvement in the daily life of the school.
  • Provide opportunities for learning at home through regular homework activities.
  • To promote opportunities for inclusion within and outside of school and recognise that inclusion is a two way process.
  • To provide learning opportunities for children who are too poorly to attend school in line with the document “Children who are too poorly to attend school.
  • To continue to develop and evolve to ensure that the changing needs of our children are always fully met.

The process of determining the range of learning experiences for all pupils at Pear Tree School reflects our school’s motto which is “Achieving the best we can in everything we do”. Our curriculum takes account of:

  • The level a child is working at and what they need from the Curriculum. (Children will have access to the most appropriate curriculum for them and may access our pre-formal, semi-formal, formal, EYS, Sixth Form or Compass Centre curriculum.)
  • Any statutory curricular requirements i.e. National Curriculum subjects, Religious Education and end of key stage assessment.
  • The range of statutory policies which may lead to additional curricular provision such as Sex Education.
  • Areas which the school has chosen to develop and identified within the School Improvement Plan e.g. Sensory Integration, college link courses, creative curriculum.
  • The ever changing need of our pupils and the need to look for new and creative ways to fully meet their learning needs.
  • The personal learning styles and requirements of all individual pupils and the need to develop personalised curriculums.
  • The importance of postural management and care programmes and the need to incorporate these into the daily curriculum.

Throughout the curriculum development process, all staff at Pear Tree School are mindful of the following:

  • The ever changing needs of our pupils and the need to ensure that our curriculum effectively meets the needs of all individual learners.
  • Are the standards of achievement in each subject appropriate to the skills and abilities of all pupils?
  • Is there a range of high quality learning experiences?
  • Is the standard of teaching of the highest quality?
  • Does our curriculum take account of new research/initiatives and developments in SEN education? 

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