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From 1st July 2015, the Prevent Duty became law. This is a duty on all schools and registered Early Years providers to have due regard to preventing people being drawn into terrorism.
British Values are a set of four values introduced to help keep children safe and promote their welfare. The promotion of British Values is firmly embedded in the work that we do at Pear Tree every day.

The fundamental British Values are:


Rule of Law;

Individual Liberty;

Mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

How do these translate into child speak and our work every day?


Think of democracy as a situation where everyone is treated equally and has equal rights. This is exactly what we do at Pear Tree through:

  • supporting children and young people’s personal, social and emotional development;
  • giving them opportunities to develop self-confidence and self-awareness;
  • encouraging children and young people to make choices and decisions.

Rule of Law

This is about understanding that rules matter and is embedded through all our work, particularly PSD. It is about:

  • managing our own feelings and behaviour;
  • learning right from wrong;
  • behaving within agreed and clearly defined boundaries;
  • dealing with consequences
  • Individual Liberty

This is all about developing a positive sense of self, self-confidence and self-awareness. It is about developing an awareness of people and communities.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

This is all about learning:

  • to treat others as we would want to be treated;
  • how to be part of a community;
  • to manage our feelings and behaviour;
  • how to form appropriate relationships with others.

We naturally have an ethos of inclusivity and tolerance, where views, faiths, cultures and races are valued and where we encourage children to engage with their wider community.

It is our job to help our children and young people to appreciate and respect their own culture and the culture of others. To help them explore similarities and differences between themselves and others; among families, faiths, communities, cultures and traditions.

As adults we all need to demonstrate these fundamental values in practice but being a role model is not simply enough. We also need to encourage our children and young people to practice them and challenge stereotypes.

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